Working Together


This is what I suggest for a typical coaching engagement. We begin with a 30 minute call to determine the fit and compatibility. We then exchange our contract and design our alliance.

30 Minute Introductory Discovery Session (free)

  • Experience a free 30 minute “discovery session” on the phone or Skype to understand how we can work together and some key values/philosophies


One Two Hour Discovery Session ($150 per session) – phone, Skype, in person

  • Contract exchange and Designing our Alliance
  • Work on a number of coaching exercises to determine where to begin
  • Find out the topics of interest


Two Private One hour Coaching Sessions per month ($150 per session) – 3 month minimum (phone, Skype or in person)

  • We explore each topic on the table
  • Work on life purpose, mission, values, perspectives, goals, highest self, blocks, highest self, captain and the crew, etc.
  • Review homework, reading



60 or 90 Minute Private Session 

  • Identify where you are stuck and what’s holding you back
  • What is it going to take to be a leader in your life
  •  Sit with your stuck and then watch stuck move
  • Create a new perspective, plan and be accountable to movement

2 hour or 1/2 day Group Sessions

  • Identify blocks and milestones
  • Create team statements – vision, mission, purpose, plan, action items
  • Create accountability and timelines

I also design custom packages based on your needs!