Rise and Shine!

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

I find it funny how you can spend a lifetime uncovering what you knew when you were a child. You had all of these cool talents and gifts. You didn’t hesitate to use your gifts until someone told you you shouldn’t, or they laughed at you, or worse, you told yourself you shouldn’t shine too brightly because of what they might think.

It has taken me this lifetime to reclaim and expand my gifts. I have been blessed to have great education, coaches, healers, friends and family assist my journey to find my life purpose to “Rise an Shine“. What a crazy journey it has been and continues to be…but now I am fully alive and allowing.

Beautiful Music

I started my life as a musician from 4 to 18 — practising piano and singing, performing, and competing in festivals and exams. While I felt moments of love, I lost sight of why I was working so hard. I walked away at at the end of my Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto to pursue other interests. Even with a scholarship to university, I had talked myself out of being a full-time musician. How would i make a living? What more was there to learn here? I was 16 when I first lied to myself because my fear was bigger than my belief in myself. The sabateurs in my life were loud!

Higher Education 

In my 20s, I was curious about learning as much as possible and I loved to read and write. I was accepted into an applied studies program at the University of Waterloo to learn about Professional Writing. I went on to get my Master of Arts degree at the University of Waterloo (Language and Professional Writing). I then was interested in studying marketing and earned my MBA at Schulich School of Business (Strategy and Marketing). Couldn’t I just stay in school forever? Time to get out there!

Marketing Maven

My marketing career was calling. I spend my 20s and 30s pursuing marketing and technology in a variety of telephone and software companies of various shapes and sizes. What a fun world. There were so many smart and successful people. The challenges were constant. I especially loved start up software the best because the experience was raw and I could be my most resourceful. This corporate ride was lucrative but not completely checking all of my boxes. I knew there was more for me.

What’s in the Backpack?

I became overwelmed with my solitary career focus and this was reflected by the fact I had become sick in my body. I was beginning to hear again from my intuition, which told me to leave my career for a time and go care for myself while backpacking. The travel taught me so many things about myself that I had forgotten. I was happy, resourceful, smart, healthy, and loving, and I needed to focus on my whole self in order to lead best life. I returned home and truly started to lead my life and create what I longed for: deep connected relationships, love, heart opening, inspired songs and internal life balance.

Creation – Combing my loves

I look back now, having a thriving family, music career, coaching practise and health and wellness business, and I realize that combining all my loves is critical for my health and happiness. I am not a one trick pony. I have many talents. Using them all and honing others helps me truly be the servant leader I was born to be. My values are truly clear to me now: freedom and helping as many people as she can.

Coaching you…

I am a Co-active Coach, having studied with CTI (www.thecoaches.com) and learning in the school of hard knocks. I want to help others design their richest life. I believe that people have everything they need to create the life of their dreams, they just need a little help getting on track. I focus on stuck leaders trying to advance to a new level of leadership and trapped creatives that are ready to expand. I guide my clients to help them find their calling and have the courage to live it boldly. My niche includes coaching for individuals embarking on significant career changes, and/or trying to dramatically enhance their leadership skills and performance inside marketing, arts and technology firms.

Are you ready to lead your best life? Let’s play….

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar



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