When a hummingbird lands on your finger

There are times in life when you know your cup is full. Truly in that moment there is nothing more you can long for. It is perfect. It is complete.

We were recently in Costa Rica. It was one of the best trips of our lives because each of us were so present to the blessing of the opportunity. We stayed in Nosara on the Pacific coast for the first week with dear friends and then travelled to some of Costa Rica’s treasured destinations. We found ourselves in a hummingbird and butterfly sanctuary in Monteverde’s cloud forest.

IMG_5472.JPGWe were all ready to experience the trees, the insects, and breath in the air. Little did we know that the magic of a hummingbird landing on our fingers would be a highlight of the trip. You could rest your hand near the feeder, release your fear and wait for the magic. In a moment, the hummingbird would land on you.

It is hard to describe with words what it feels like to hold perfection, prestine colour, trust, fluttering heart, subtle grip, vulnerable being. I will never forget it. My daughter couldn’t leave there. We all felt it. We longed to play our part as Keeper and Gentle Gardner. Our heart’s were expanding. May that experience last forever. May it apply to everything we do and the people we want to be.

When I close my eyes, I still feel that tiny heartbeat and I know I have a part to play in this precious ecosystem.


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