The Positive Imperative – My Interview with Victor Sinclair

For the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to interview Victor Sinclair with the Positive Imperative movement. I originally found him on Facebook as I remembered him from his broadcasting days and because he posted the most uplifting quotes and articles.

What is the Positive Imperative (PI)?

pi-logo-300x156PI is a concept he came up with 7 or 8 years ago. It is a new conversation about positivity with an eye to how we evaluate situations and how we can stop polarizing everything into good/bad, right/wrong. PI provides a holistic conversation about what is healthy for our community and environment.

All conversations talk about positive and negative. A positive is constructive and healthy for the community and environment. A negative is the opposite of positive. Neutral is not participating in a positive contribution in the many facets of life; the environment, voting, peace, safety in the community, parenting and even simple things like driving your car. Most people live in neutral (apathy or disconnected) which is a big problem. Living in neutral is like living in the negative. If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

How did this philosophy come about? 

positive-attitudeFor Victor, PI has been the culmination of a lifelong study of positivity or positive psychology and self-help (Dale Carnegy, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, etc). He had a particular affinity to Stephen Covey, but had an urge to bring something new to the table. He also learned a great deal from his experience with not for profit organizations – working on boards for 30 years (Big Brothers, etc.).

He had a eureka moment at 5 am in the morning during the summer of 2006. He asked himself, what was missing from the dialog on changing the world. He began writing for hours. He got the first tenet – everything is positive, negative and neutral. Neutral (or not doing anything) is dangerous. In our world, a ripple is manifested in a domino effect. For example, a person may start their day by cutting someone off, then that someone has an accident, then that someone is hit by someone else, etc. The bigger the negative, the bigger the ripple. There is a ripple effect in not doing anything (neutral) as well. For positive results, it takes 10 times the energy to create meaningful positives.

lovefamilyLook at parenting, if there is physical, emotional abuse, the manifestations are depression, suicide, etc. Neutral parents don’t show up or participate much (they have to work, and have lots of jobs). There is a choice to be a workaholic. Great human beings takes a lot of effort, time, concentration, patience, etc. It takes a lot of effort to create great kids. For example, if you want to make a positive ripple and change the world, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Three Tenets of PI 

PositiveFirst Tenet – PosiNegNeut Dynamic: All approaches to life are either Positive (Constructive), Negative Destructive or Neutral, which is also Negative.

Second Tenet – Posiratios: Significant Positive creations take ten times the effort and energy to create as a Negative one and once achieved, are likely to create between three and five times more Positive creations thus causing a ripple effect. Negatives take ten times less effort and energy to achieve but do ten times the damage and also create a Negative ripple effect and Neutrals take no effort or energy and because of the vast quantity of them, also often do ten times the damage or even more.

Third Tenet – The Positive Imperative. Be part of solution or part of problem… everything we do everyday can be approached as positive, neutral, negative (drive, environment, raise kids and treat others). Being positive can save people’s lives. You now become accountable: what did you know, when did you know it, and what you can do about it? You see that you can’t be positive in one place and not the other…try to be as positive as possible…

What is the goal of PI?

headThe goal of PI is to reveal the importance of Positivity, through Positive programs, education and Positive Music.

What is Positive Music? 

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono

Positive Imperative can be applied to all aspects of life – like the chicken soup for the soul   legacy. Music also falls into positive, neutral and negative.

About Victor Sinclair

Victor SinclaireVictor has had a great deal of life experience looking at music from all sides:

  • Kiwanis Festival winning choir boy,
  • played tuba in school and guitar as a youth,
  • folk guitarist,
  • taught the history of music at Fanshawe College
  • researched the popularity of music as the music director of a radio show in London (the positive songs were always the most popular over the long run)
  • songwriter
  • Broadcaster – interviewed many music stars Frank Valli, Sheryl Crowe, Kenny Loggins, Bare Naked Ladies etc.
  • taught music business/sales/marketing at Trebas Entertainment Management School
  • ran a record company artist management company with 5 acts. As Executive Producer of “In Another Lifetime” – McAulley Boys receive a Juno nomination for best R&B ALBUM 1997
  • created the first Positive Music Program for a halfway house in the world.
Alanis and Victor
Alanis and Victor

Victor learned that the power of positive music and art can lighten dark places. Music has always be around. The thing about music is, you are what you listen to. Music can be a junk food diet, and you need to be conscious of what it might be doing to our minds. We have to be intentional about what we listen to. In an interview with Sarah Mclauchlan, he learned that one of Sarah’s songs kept a 14 year old girl from committing suicide. Music can save lives. He also gives the example of Sara Westbrook with her UPower concerts. In an age when bullying and teen suicide is an epidemic, she saves lives and delivers the message respect self, respect others, respect your dreams. We just need another 50 Sara’s out there. Music brings hope.

He is running with a concept which is modelled on Motown –  he wants to cross-pollinate writers, singers, songwriters, engineers, producers, etc. and create a dynamic team that changes lives. It is a collaborative collective and a social collective to create positive music and positive education in action and programs…

Where from Here?

What Victor is doing is clear. Egoless, “non-comparative” Positivity, and Positive Music in particular, is the best opportunity to change the world.

Check out “We Are One” this Positive Imperative YouTube video, by PI Players!

To read more and receive his positive newsletter, out

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