Comparison kills the beauty

“If you always compare your talents to those of everyone else, you will miss the beauty in your own gifts and purpose.” Yours truly…

Cool light at Origin restaurant in Toronto

My son came home at lunch today in tears. He claimed everybody was better at everything than he was. Poor dear is only six and is already so competitive. I comforted him and explained to him that everyone is created uniquely. If we were all the same, the world would be boring. He told me about the boys who were faster, the girls who were good at reading, the other girls who were great at drawing, etc. He had a bad day of playing tag in gym class. Wow – he is so little and already feeling like he needs to be great at something.

I couldn’t help but think about my music journey. I remember attending conferences or performances and being so impressed with the artists. I would come home and want to quit. I couldn’t see the beauty in what I was doing, I was too busy comparing myself. Fortunately, I now understand that music is a gift and that we are blessed to be able to make, consume and enjoy it. If a musician can find an audience (even an audience of one), they have truly found success. I told my son about how I used to compare myself to others in music and how it took me away from what I loved.

My son continued to talk about looking for something he could be good at. I helped him see that he is truly unique and special in his own right. I would commit to helping him find something that he loved and felt that he was good at. All he needs to do is tell me what he loves, do the best he can and practise. Well, everything was fine with my speech until I mentioned the practise part. I pointed out that there is a guy named Malcolm Gladwell who believes you cannot master your craft until 10,000 hours are spent.

I should have left it all there – his eyes glazed over and ran off. I guess that’s all for now…until it comes up again.


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